Here are some of the most frequantley asked questions.

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. Yes without doubt, we have Public Liability to cover any problems. However we do recommend that you also take out your own Wedding Day insurance.

Q. What happens if the Photographer is ill?

A.Illness can always happen, Alan Harding Photography  belongs to a network of Photographers that have agreed to help each other in an Emergency, we will do our best to supply you with an alternative photographer, if this is not suitable we would refund any monies paid.This also links in to the above question and why it is so important to have your own wedding insurance just in case you or you fiancee are ill or have sustained an injury just prior to the wedding.

Q. Do you have a back up camera in case of failure?

A. Always we would'nt leave home without one. Professional Photographers usually have two or three cameras,flashguns,spare batteries and should carry more than enough media cards.

Q. I was at a wedding recently and the photographer got in the way of family and friends taking photographs, what is your approach?

A. I welecome everyone with a camera the more pictures the better.

Q. Do you offer the copyright to the wedding pictures free of charge?

A. Always, you are my employer for the day and it makes sense to give you the files, you or I may move out of the area, any bits of information re contact details may get lost over time. That is why Alan Harding Photography policy is to always givie the copyright to the pictures free of any charge on Weddings.

Q. Do you supply framed pictures or photographs?

A. We always supply a gallery of your wedding, event  or Potraiture on line. This gallery has an area where you can buy products on line these are then dispatched to you normally within 7 working days.

Q. I have been quoted £250 for a photographer all day, Slideshow, 100 prints &10 8x10 enlargements why is your price more?

A. The person quoting may not be a full time professional photographer.Please beware of these incredible deals, as the person offering this sort of coverage may not be insured,belong to a professional body and leave you with sub standard photographs. Having said that there are photographers offering a budget prices at hourly rates for mid week/ winter weddings.

Q.Do you belong to any organizations?

A. Yes we are members of the SWPP and are also members of the Trusted Photographer scheme, both examine our work and we have to work to their accepted standards laid down by them.