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Engagement Photography

Congratulation on your engagement! so the big day is set and planning for your special day begins, it can be easily overlooked this wonderful period of your lives being engaged it’s the time of love, joy and anticipation so why not celebrate the moment by having a photo shoot?

Whilst on your wedding day you are surrounded by your family and friends the engagement shoot is all about the two of you as individuals. The Engagement photo shoot is a more relaxed atmosphere so allows you to treasure the moment of your recent proposal whilst it’s still fresh.Whether you are camera shy or photogenic a photo shoot is a great way to boost your confidence and comfort of having your picture taken by a professional photographer.

The idea of having a camera following you around can be quite daunting so it’s a great way of getting any initial awkwardness or anxiety out of the way before your special day. It also allows me to get to know you both a little better, your personalities the way you interact with each other. It’s a great time to hear how you met and chat about your wedding plans. Equally you will be able to highlight to me your do or don’t like as well as any preferences you have for lighting, angles and editing styles, as this will allow me to the photos and experience for your wedding day.

Wedding Invitations / save the Date & Thank you cards.

A great way to help the budget is to go“DIY crafty and make them yourself. A personal way for some people is to use their engagement photos for save the date cards, invitations, seating charts and table indicators, wedding programmes, guest books or just a memory for the home.

For more details and prices for engagement /pre wedding photography
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